Sugar Baby Novel™ SWAG

Oh, baby.

Baby, baby, baby. SUGAR BABY NOVEL™ SWAG is now AVAILABLE!

Fun, funny and flirty SWAG merchandise from the wildly entertaining and VERY JUICY upcoming novel, SUGAR BABY, by award-winning writer Allison Rose Phelan!

Clothing and products so far are for men, women, girls, guys, divas, daddies, cuties, punk rockers, romantics, thrill seekers, book lovers, mystery lovers, all lovers and sugar babies. More to come!

Now you can have Sugar Baby WITH YOU and ON YOU ALL DAY…

You’re welcome. Scroll down for choices.

OH! You greedy little MINX! You still want MORE??

Click here to shop in our store.

Super-soft, cute, hot and fun clothing and other SWAG from the Sugar Baby™ franchise: Products contain copyrighted and/or trademarked quotes, photos, designs, artwork and logos from and in association with the ever-provocative and much-anticipated upcoming literary work: Sugar Baby, A Novel, by award-winning writer Allison Rose Phelan.

Sugar Baby LOVES you. I do too. XOXO

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